The following chronology provides a list of events that occurred in Germany during a ten-month period in 1933. During this period, Hitler and his Nazi party rose to power and changed the political and personal lives of the German people.

JANUARY 30, 1933
Appointment of Adolf Hitler as Reich Chancellor (Prime Minister)

FEBRUARY 28, 1933
German government takes away freedom of speech, assembly, press, and freedom from invasion of privacy (mail, telephone, telegraph) and then from house search without warrant.

MARCH 9, 1933
Outbreak of rioting against German Jews by Members of the S. A. and Stahlhelm

MARCH 20, 1933
First concentration camp opens at Dachau, Germany for political opponents of the regime.

MARCH 23, 1933
The Enabling Act is passed.

APRIL 1, 1933
Nationwide boycott of Jewish-owned businesses in Germany is carried out under Nazi leadership.

APRIL 7, 1933
Law excludes "non-Aryans" from government employment; Jewish civil servants, including university professors and schoolteachers, are fired in Germany.

MAY 10, 1933
Books written by Jews, political opponents of Nazis, and many others are burned during huge public rallies across Germany.

JULY 14, 1933
Law passed in Germany permitting the forced sterilization of Gypsies, the mentally and physically disabled, African-Germans, and others considered "inferior."

JULY 14, 1933
The Nazi Party proclaimed by law the one and only legal political party in Germany.

AUGUST 20, 1933
Boycott of Nazi Germany declared by the American Jewish Congress.

OCTOBER 19, 1933
Withdrawal of Germany from the League of Nations.

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