Name: Richardo Jackson


Essay: A Pioneering Woman.



Many people have influenced my life in more ways than one. So when I think about the most influential person, I think about my mother. She is my pioneering woman. My mother is not a famous and rich person, but her morals, love and dedication is worth its weight in gold. In fact itís priceless. Without her in my life, I probably wouldnít be the person I am today.

Elaine Campbell was born on the island of Jamaica in the West Indies on March 13, 1957. She is the only child for Leon and Enid Campbell. Elaine attended school on the Island of Jamaica, where she learned dressmaking and nursing. At the age of twenty-three, she gave birth to a baby boy which she named Richardo. At the age of twenty-five, Elaine got married to Norris Jackson and had her second child Terry-Anne. In years to come, she would give birth to two more boys Norris and Jeffrey. Some years later, Elaine and her husband migrated to the United States in search of the American Dream. Only time was to be blamed for their untimely divorce, however the family unit had to function with my mother as the head

My mother is a strong and courageous woman, a survivor I should add. She was not only strong for herself, but for her children. She has gone above and beyond her role as a mother, staying in the fight when it was so easy to give up and walk away. She has thought me to accept responsibility for my actions and to be a responsible person. She has directed me to get an education and to fight for what I believe in, and never give up. She has made me who I am and where I go from here will be based on her nurturing me into a man. When I think of what my life would be without my mother, I appreciate and treasure her even more.

I will always remember my mother, like many others will and have over the years. Her love and honesty, and the things she has instilled within. Sure there are many definition of a pioneering woman, but just because she isnít rich and famous doesnít make her any less of a woman. In fact most of the worlds most influential women arenít physical rich but they are educationally, emotionally and spiritually. So for the year 2003, my nominee for a pioneering woman is my mother, Elaine.††††