History of the Women's Movement in the United States
I.  Women's Movement Prior to the Civil War
        A.    Pre-1800s
        B.    Early 1800s

II.  Seneca Falls Convention, Seneca Falls NY (1848)
        A.    Purpose
        B.    Outcome

III.  The Women's Movement from Civil War to Suffrage
         A.    14th Amendment
         B.    15th Amendment
         C.    Split in the Women's Movement
         D.    Black Women

IV.    Argument Over Suffrage
        A.    Anti-Suffrage Arguments
        B.    Pro-Suffrage Arguments

V.    Themes in the Development of the Women's Movement
        A.    Conflict Between Radical and Moderate Feminists
        B.    Racial Divisiveness

VI.   What Happened to the Women's Movement after 1920?
        A.    The Organization
        B.    Protective Labor and Equal Rights Amendment Controversies
        C.    Factors Contributing to the Decline in the Women's Movement after 1920
        D.    Legal and Economic Gains for Women as a Result of the Vote

VII.    1930-1950
        A.    Great Depression
        B.    WWII
        C.    1950s

VIII.    Factors Explaining 1960s Social and Political Movements
        A.    Demographic Factors
        B.    Parenting Styles

IX.    Seeds of the 1960s Women's Movement
        A.    Civil Rights Movement
                1.    Experiences of White Women
                2.    Experiences of Black Women
        B.    Counterculture
        C.    Friedan's Feminine Mystique

X.    Feminism 1960s and Beyond
        A.    Brands of Feminism
        B.    ERA Controversey
        C.    Today