Metal File


When using a metal file, always remember to bear down on the forward stroke only.  On the return stroke, lift the file clear of the surface to avoid dulling the instrumentís teeth. Only when working on very soft metals is it advisable to drag the fileís teeth slightly on the return stroke.  This helps clear out metal pieces from between the teeth. 

It is best to bear down just hard enough to keep the file cutting at all times.  Too little pressure uses only the tips of the teeth; too much pressure can chip the teeth.  Move the file in straight lines across the surface.  Use a vice to grip the work so that your hands are free to hold the file.  Protect your hands by equipping the file with a handle.  Buy a wooden handle and install it by inserting the pointed end of the file into the handle hole.

These directions show you how to-



work with a hammer

use a file

polish a file

oil a vise

repair shop tools

When using a file-





always bear down on the return stroke


move it in a circle


remove the handle


press down on the forward stroke


wear protective gloves


When working on soft metals, you can-





remove the handle


clear metal pieces from the teeth


bear down very hard on the return stroke


file in circles


strengthen them with added wood


Protect your hands by-





dulling the teeth


dragging the teeth on the backstroke


using a vise


installing a handle


wearing safety gloves